Coaching with Kim  

What I’ve learnt over the years coaching, is that people are either looking for clarity and direction in life or they know what they want and need some support to keep moving forward to create the life they desire.

With my unique intuitive coaching style, I help my clients navigate the uncertainty they feel and find certainty and direction for their lives. 

A common theme that is apparent and that I love uncovering and shining a light on with the women I work with is that each of us has an inner knowing and a deep understanding of ourselves and the path we want to be on. However, with the busyness of day to day life and often major life traumas, we have learnt to push this aside and stop listening to the guidance that is always there.

By working together and embracing guidance and support you will be able to make the changes required to reignite your passion, leading you on a path to discover the life you were born to live.

Coaching can help you ....

  • Clarify your vision and direction
  • Understand yourself & what it means to be authentically you
  • Build your self belief and confidence
  • Become more creative & curious in your approach to life
  • Embrace change 
  • Learn to follow your intuition
  • Transition out of your mind and into your heart

Feel uniquely supported.... 

  • By tailored coaching sessions/programs designed especially for your needs
  • With skills and tools to reignite your inner passions
  • With ongoing guidance to find the clarity and direction you know is within you
  • Discovering insights that inspire you to connect with yourself in a whole new way
  • With coaching that is solution and future focused

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